Saturday, June 4, 2016


It was cloudy and slightly raining in Tsushima.

We left Tsushima around 9 am and arrived at Fukuoka around 9:20 am, and changed the plane to Haneda, and arrived there around 11:50 am and came back to the office by taxi to leave PC and documents. 

I feel lucky because the weather during our stay in Nagasaki was very good, and the business trip was fruitful.

On my way back to Haneda I could see the Mount Fuji and Miura peninsula where I live from the plane.

In the afternoon I went to Shinjuku to get a monthly meeting document and to measure AGE.

Then I met my teacher from the graduate school and had afternoon tea at the 41st floor of the Park Hyatte Tokyo. At first we went to the Keio Plaza Hotel but the afternoon tea set was already sold out, and I called the Peak Lounge which is the most popular afternoon tea place in Tokyo and made a reservation and went there. I thought it was in the Hyatte Regency Hotel, but was not. Afternoon tea set is rather expensive, but you can drink any tea which is seved by pot and usually costs yen 1400 as much as you like, and there is a plate service which you can eat as much as you like. Therefore it is worth trying. 

Here are some pictures.

1 Tokyo Metropolitan Governmental Buildings and other buildings from the 41st floor

2 Afternoon tea set

3 Mt. Fuji and Miura peninsula from the plane

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