Sunday, June 26, 2016


It was cloudy and fine.

I went grocery shopping in the morning.

Then I took a train to go to Tokyo to attend a one day seminar for beauty business launching.  On the train I happened to see my friend at the opposite seat. She was reading a book and did not notice me, so I called. She was with her husband on their way to see their daughters to have lunch.  We have some common hobbies.  But we seldom have had time to talk these days. So I am glad to see her and her husband by chance.

One day seminar was held at a meeting room in Kyobashi. There were about 36 participants and three lecturer for four hours. I met two of them about a month ago at the explanatory meeting for the course. Another one seemed very famous for the Internet marketing world, but I have not known him at all. There were many works and sharing. Everyone is unique and has a different goal.
There was someone I remembered by face but not by  name, and I have been thinking who she is and when I met her.
At the very last session, I knew the answer. She was a photographer who took the group pictures at the luncheon on May 9.

After coming back to my station I happened to see one of my students after a long time. 

It was an interesting day seeing three aquaintances by chance.

The evening sky was so beautiful today.

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