Friday, June 3, 2016


It was fine and very hot.

In the morning before leaving Nagasaki, I went to see Meganebashi (眼鏡橋) the famous spectacles bridge, which is the oldest two-arched stone bridge, by tram. In the river there were many carps. Along the river there were beautiful hydrangea.

We went to Isahaya City to have a meeting.

After that we headed for Shimabara through the Isahaya enbankment road. It was windy there.

Then we had a local food called Guzouni (具雑煮) at the road station. There were remains of houses damaged by the eruption of Mount Unzen Fugendake (雲仙普賢岳) and we visited the Mt. Unzen Disaster Memorial Hall. 

The big eruption happened on June 3, 1991. It has been 25 years.

I just happened to know there was a ceremony today by the news.  I was moved by the 1000 crane arts there, and I knew they were made by children and exhibited today.

In the evening we flew to Tsushima Island and had local foods.

It was a nice day.

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