Wednesday, June 29, 2016


It was cloudy, but hot and humid.

I went to the Post Office to pay many annual membership fees in the morning because deadlines of some payments are due tomorrow. 
I used some transfer forms which are acceptable by ATM. There were two types of them. One is printed in red which payees will bear the remmittance fees, the other is printed in blue which payers need to bear them. 
If you use the ATM, handling  charge is cheaper than paying at the windows.
One invoice was not accepted by ATM, so I asked the reason why at the window. The person in charge said the printed name and address were too small for the machine to read. According to his advice, I added the name, and it went well.

Besides membership fees, I needed to pay residential taxes for the prefecture and the city. The are called kenmin zei (県民税) and shimin zei (市民税) respectively.  They are calculated according to the annual income I earned last year, and divided into four periods.  When you quit the job, the City Office will send you the invoice early June and the first payment due is June 30. This is not possible to use ATM because we need to fill out the document.

After paying everything, my bankbook has just finished the last page, and I made a new one.
They used to show the address and seal, but not any more.

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