Wednesday, April 27, 2016


It was fine.

Before going to the office, I went to two banks to transfer the money. I have one bank account, but do not have the other.
Having the bank account I spent yen 108 to transfer yen 8,000 as handling charge. Without having the other bank account I spent yen 216 to transfer yen 3,240.
I thought it would be free of charge to transfer money between the same banks so it was a bit surprise.  It seems they started charging about two years ago.

After work there was a welcome party for freshmen at the cafeteria. Since this is the first big event of the new academic year, I went to see it.
When I got there around 7 pm it was already started and people were eating,drinking,and chatting.
They had the BINGO game, photo contest, singing a song and taking group photos.
I enjoyed  Indian foods and drink.

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