Friday, April 15, 2016


It was fine today.

Last night there were big earthquakes in Kumamoto, Kyushu. It was grade 7 in Japanese scale out of seven. It compared to the size of the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011.
I have a friend there and called her. Fortunately she and her family memberes are fine. But since the hypocenter is the next town, it seems there are many damages in her neighborhood.
They still have had many aftershocks .
Since there is a volcano in Kumamoto, we worry about it too.
I hope everything will be all right soon.

Today after work I visited the Kimono shop which had a special thanks fair. I bought something small like tabi (足袋, literally means foot bag), socks for kimono and a net for washing washable kimono. I was not trying to wear anything, but one of the customers there  asked me to try one roll which she liked very much but  she knew it won't fit to her.  So I tried and it looked good. She was so pleased and gave me a small present. It was a surprise. I also got a souvenir from Nagoya from the staff. I am glad to have visited there today.

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