Sunday, April 24, 2016


It was fine and warm.  I expected to see the Golden Mt. Fuji this evening, but there were clouds and I could not see Mt. Fuji.

I stayed at home all day long doing house work.

First I called two credit card companies to cancel the current cards to renew them because I felt I ordered something from the website but they seemed to be fraud. I am not sure which card I used.  The goods arrived two days ago, but there was not enough information about its company.  Moreover the condition of cancel was different from what I read at the site.  There was a phone number written but I could not reach them.
The goods was made in the USA, but shipped from UK. There were no signature nor shipped date nor company name and address,  The customer service phone number seems in Thailand.  The paper was written in Japanese but it was not perfect Japanese.  I regret a lot to have clicked the site to get the sample.  I wrote to them to return the goods.  I hope everything will be all right.

Next I cleaned the refrigerator and sink, washed winter pants.

Then I cooked dinner.

There are still lots of things I should have done at home.

I got an email from my friend in Kumamoto.  She said during daytime she clears the house and at night she sleeps in the car.  They still have many earthquakes every day.  And she's worried how long their evacuation life would go on.  I hope they will be able to live safe and sound soon.


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