Sunday, April 24, 2016


It was cloudy and rather chilly.

There was a big event to challenge the  Japan No.1 record making in my city.  Miura is famous for tuna, so we tried to make the longest tuna roll. The length we aimed this year was 560 meters. 1270 people joined the event.  About 23 % were Miura citizen, 22% were from Yokosuka, 22% were from Yokohama, and the rest were from other places. The farthermost was from Hokkaido.
This is the 10th anniversary and the last one because they cannot provide the venue in case of rain any more.

I have been interested in this event. Especially this will be the last so that I hoped to participate but when I realized the registration was over.  So I went there to register this morning.  There were 100 tickets today. But when I arrived a bit later than 11 am, they were already distributed. I was on the waiting list for No.37.  While waiting I walked around the town.  There were two stamp rallies.  One prize was the freezer packs, and the other was dried seaweed.
There were some attractions such as dances and chorus of the famous children's group named kamome jido gasshodan (かもめ児童合唱団).
I went back at the registration desk before 1 pm, and fortunately I got the ticket.  It was No. 945, and it was the place around 460 meters.
After the ceremony it started around 2 pm.  The seaweed was rolled one which I have never seen before.
Then the rice on the wrap was distributed, then tuna was distributed. Then we made the roll with the straw mat called makisu (巻きす).  All of us hold the 560 meters roll together and counted 10. It was successful. We made it!
After that we ate the rolls we made by ourselves.
They say to make this 560 meters roll 86 kg tuna and 240 kg rice were used.

I am glad to have joined this soecial event.

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