Thursday, August 3, 2017


It was cloudy and rather cool again.

After work I went to Shibuya to see somebody.

I thought of two restaurants in Shibuya and went to one of them. To my surprise they were so close. I have been one of them so many times but I did not notice the other at all in spite of passing in front.
It was a sister restaurant of Alice in magical land in Shinjuku where I went last month. It was Alicei n a dancing land.
It is located in the B1 floor and looks like a n amusement park and very attractive.
We enjoyed talking, eating, drinking, and being in the space. There were many birthday people again.I used the coupon I got the other day and got one drink.

If there is someone who is interested in going, let's go to another one in Ginza or Ikebukuro.

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