Sunday, April 23, 2017


It was fine and warm.

I bought Yokohama 1Day Pass again.
Today's first destination was Hinodecho to get massage. This is once a month body maintenance for me. My body was stiff again. I need more exercise.

After that I saw the Noge Daidogei, the 42nd Intetnational Steet Performer's Festival a little bit again, and went shopping.

Today I tried M route of Akaikutsu circulating bus which took about 40 minutes to go round. Then I changed to C route and dropped at Nihon Odori to see the Garden Necklace YOKOHAMA 2017.
Every year at this time I go to see tulips near the Yokohama stadium. But this year it seems a little bit late.

After that I went to Iseyamakotaijingu after a long time. There was a wedding ceremony there today. 

Then I went to Kimono-style Miya to pick up kimono and coat.

After coming back to my station, I went grocery shoppping.

It was a nice Sunday.


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