Tuesday, April 18, 2017


It was heavily raining and very windy early in the morning. But by the time I arrived at Roppongi, it became fine and very beautiful as if the typhoon has passed.

From today one of the staff who took a maternity leave last year started working again and we had a welcome back luncheon.
It is very difficult to book a restaurant at lunch time in Roppongi. But I could find a very unique restaurant by the Internet site.
It is run by a famous successful ophthalmologist. The restaurant is on the second floor. There are many paintings on the wall.  All of them were painted by the Director of the Clinic.
The meals were very healthy by using Kamakura vegetables, fresh meats, and non-agrochemical brown rice.
There are four choices: meat lunch, fish lunch, noodle lunch, and daily special lunch.
If you bring the coupon, you can get free soft drink which regular price is from yen 450 to yen 600 at lunch time.
Lunch menu is  yen 1,000 including tax.
There were 12 people attended today and fish lunch and carrot juice were most popular among us.
I chose meat lunch and iced tea because they did not have enough stock of carrot juice.
They were tasty.

After eating we enjoyed looking at the pictures.
To my surprise,  the Director of the Clinic is a multi-talented person. First he became a pilot, next ophthalmologist, then artist, and writer not to mention business owner.

I hope to visit there again and have lunch at the terrace on the beautiful day.

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