Friday, April 14, 2017


It was fine.

I took one hour off at lunch time to meet a seminar mate of MOVE 500th course held in the first weekend of this month.
He showed interest in my book at the workshop of the first day and I brought my book next day but he was in a hurry on the second day and I could not give it to him.
There is a seminar I wanted to invite him tomorrow, but he will not be available. Instead he had time for lunch today. So we met at my favorite shabu shabu restsurant near my office and we ordered beef, pork, and octopus and shared. There are only 5  portion octopus for a day. Fortunately we could order it.

He is a company owner in Mie and has had many unusual experiences. It might be intertesting to write about his life story.

We have something in common so we enjoyed eating and talking.

I hope he will enjoy my book.

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