Saturday, April 22, 2017


It was cloudy in the morning and slightly rained in the evening.

I bought Yokohama One Day Ticket which cost yen 1,300 today.

My first destination was Yokohama Sky Building 28th floor to attend Luncheon of Kimono-wearing meeting. I arrived earlier and enjoyed the view. There were 14 participants this time. Lunch menu was Japanese style and I enjoyed many small dishes.

After that I walked to Noge to see the 42 nd Noge Daidogei, The International Street performers Festival. There were many spectators. Some performances were very attractive.

Then I went to Itsukushima shrine after a long time. I used to visit there every month but these days I have not been able to.

After that I tried the Red-shoes-bus. which circulates Yokohama's touristic spots. One ride is yen 220, but I had the pass. So I tried to go around for one hour. There was another big event near the red-brick warehouse. I saw a big ship leaving from the port.
If you have chances to come to Yokohama, I recommend you to buy this kind of discount one day ticket so that you can get on and off buses and trains freely wherever you like.

Bisides this one day ticket, I did not spend anything.

It was a nice day.

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