Sunday, July 30, 2017


It was cloudy and partially rained but I did not have to use the umbrella.

I went to Shinagawa to attend the one-day seminar of Energy Master Light. There were nearly 50 participants. It started at 10 am and lasted until 7 pm. In the morning there was a lecture, and we had a light lunch. In the afternoon there was work and finally we heard about some experiences who attended the courses before.
The work is called Inner Journey. We reach our inner self and release the mind block to enhance the self-image.
I thought I did not have specific problems, but this work reminded me of my childhood past and the relation with my 3rd and 4th grade teacher. I regret not to have thanked my parents enough while they were still alive. I felt the things I am doing now would lead my ideal future.
I met some people I knew and enjoyed talking.

After that I went to a bookstore to buy Mr.James Skinner's newly released book.
At night I saw the Facebook talk live with Ms.Natsuko Yokota and Mr. James Skinner. It was very interesting.

I connected with some people by Facebook and Line and enjoyed messaging.

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