Sunday, July 16, 2017


It was fine and hot.

I got up early to take baths. The hotel has 9 different baths. I tried 7 of them. The best one is located outside and the view from there was very nice. The only problem is it is a mix bath which means both men and women can take a bath together.
From 8 pm to 10 pm it becomes only for women.
I was not sure if there was someone or not. There were three open air mix baths and for two of them I could take alone. There were two peole at the best one. I thought they were women at first but they might have  been a couple. So I got out in a few minutes.

We left the hotel at 11 am, and headed for Yufuin (湯布院) where I have wanted to go for a long time. It is a famous hotspring place but we only had two hours there. So I walked around the pond called Kinrinko(金鱗湖), then visited suvenir shops and enjoyed shopping.

We went back to Fukuoka and I went to Kushida Shrine again to get the red stamp called Goshuin (ご朱印).

We took 18:35 flight back to Tokyo.I got a window side seat to see the beautiful sunset. We arrived earlier than schedule.

At Haneda Airport two staffs came to see us. What a nice hospitality they serve!

It was a really nice trip.

Thank you for everything.

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