Sunday, July 27, 2014


It was very hot today too.

Since the season of mountain lilies was over, we asked the gardeners to clean our garden finally.  Two gardeners came around 7:30 am and finished working around 2 pm with taking lunch break.  We are glad to see the beautiful garden again.

In the morning there was a purification ceremony called oharai (お祓い) of new flags for the festival of the shrine.   I joined there at 9 am.  The ceremony itself lasted for 15 minutes or so but it took about an hour in total.  We got sweets and red beans rice called sekihan (赤飯), which is eaten when there is an auspicious event.

After coming home, I went grocery shopping.

At night there was another community event called aipato (愛パト), which is abbreviation of ai patrol.  Ai (愛) means love.   Five of us have patrolled the school zone for about one hour and a half from 8 pm.  Every weekend on Saturday and Sunday representatives from each area patrol during summer time.  This year and next year I am a representative of my area.  This summer I need to patrol for three times.  We did not find any trouble tonight.

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