Monday, July 21, 2014


It was cloudy and slightly rainy.

I went to betsugeiko (別稽古), special tea lesson in the afternonn.  I used to go to regular tea lesson every Thursday, but since I started working in May I have not been there.  On special lessons we need to wear kimono.  Today we learned 5 lessons.   There were 5 pupils.  So each person became the host.  I was in charge of gozumi (後炭), the second charcoal procedure. Today's sweet was ajisai (紫陽花), hydrangea.
It's been only three months since I stopped practicing but it was rather hard to do seiza (正座), sit up straight.  There is a saying narau yori narero (習うより慣れろ).  Custom makes all things easy.  Or Practice makes perfect.  I should practice by myself even though I cannot attend the regular practice.

After the lesson I went to grocery shopping.  There was a young boy who asked me if there is a festival somewhere tonight because I was wearing kimono.

At night there was an additional meeting for community representatives.

So I was rather busy today.

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