Tuesday, October 27, 2009

読書週間(dokusho shukan): Reading Week

Speaking of autumn, the night becomes longer, therefore reading is recommended. Today is the first day of dokusho shukan(読書週間). Dokusho (読書) literally means read books, and shukan (週間) literally means week. Week usually means 7 days, but regarding Reading Week it is from October 27 to November 9. That is two weeks.
In 1947 the first Reading Week was held. At that time it was a week from November 17 to 23. But from the second time in 1948 it became two weeks from October 27 to November 9, two weeks between November 3, the Culture Day. This is the 63rd year, and its catchword is omowazu muchuni narimashita(思わず夢中になりました), "I am absorbed in reading in spite of myself."
During this period, if you buy books more than yen500 at a bookstore, you get a shoten kuji(書店くじ), bookstore lottery. So you may have a chance to get a prepaid book card of yen50,000. Good luck!

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