Thursday, February 12, 2009

豆腐の日 (tofu no hi) : Day of Tofu

Today is 12th which is written as 12日 or 十二日 and read as jyu ni nichi in Japanese. 十二 is also read as to (十) fu (二) . Therefore Nihon Tofu Kyokai (日本豆腐協会), Japan Tofu Association decided 12th of every month and Oct. 2nd as Day of Tofu (豆腐の日: tofu no hi)in 1993.
Tofu is a traditional healthy food made from soybeans and water. It contains high quality protein and it is called "Meat of the Field."
There are mainly two different types of tofu in Japan: kinugoshi dofu (絹ごし豆腐), silken and momen dofu(木綿豆腐), cotton. The feelings of the texture on the tongue, tastes, and nutritional contents are different between the two.
Since 90% of tofu is water, to make tofu, water is very important. Kyoto has been famous for tofu since ancient times and its water is soft water.
Tofu is a very flexible food. You can make it cold and eat just with soy source and some relish especially in summer. This is called hiya yakko (冷奴). You can cook tofu in many different ways. Japan Tofu Association has some English recipes of tofu. So if you are interested in, please visit the following site.

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