Friday, February 6, 2009

海苔の日(nori no hi): Day of Nori

Feb. 6 is nori no hi(海苔の日), Day of Nori or laver. Nori is traditional food liked by Japanese people from ancient times. To thank nori which is a gift from the ocean, Zenkoku nori kairui gyogyo kyodo kumiai rengokai (全国海苔貝類漁業協同組合連合会), National Federation of Nori & Shellfish Co-op Associations (NFNSCA) decided Feb. 6 as Day of Nori in 1966.
According to the oldest Japanese statute code called Taiho ritsuryo (大宝律令)in 701, 29 kinds of marine products were paid as taxation. 8 of them were sea vegetables, and Nori was one of them. Nori was a representative product of many places and very valuable.
Taiho ritsuryo (大宝律令) was enforced Jan. 1 of Taiho (大宝)2 in Japanese old calendar, which corresponds to Feb. 6 of 702 in the new calendar. Therefore NFNSCA decided Feb. 6 every year as Day of Nori to wish Nori and Shellfish industry's development and conducts memorial events.
The size of nori is 21 cm x 19 cm. Every year 10,000,000,000 pieces of Nori are cultivated. Nori is healthy food which contains vitamin, mineral, dietary fiber, iron, calcium and so on.
I hope you enjoy healthy Japanese food sometimes.

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