Thursday, February 26, 2009

風呂の日(furo no hi): Day of Bath

Today is 26th which is read as 2 fu 6 ro in Japanese. Therefore in May 1985 Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. decide the 26th of every month as furo no hi (風呂の日), Day of Bath to deepen the relationship among the family to take a bath together.
The way of taking a bath in Japan is quite different from other countries. The room itself is different. There are a bathtub and a washing space. Before entering the bathtub where holds lots of hot water around 40 to 43 degrees centigrade, we clean ourselves first outside the bathtub. Then we soak in the hot water, get warm and relax.
There are many public baths called sento (銭湯:literally cash hot water). There used be many of them, but these days most homes have their own bath. People go there when they want to take a big bath or special baths like in a Jacuzzi or sauna.
Japan is a volcanic land with more than 2,700 onsen (温泉)hot spring resorts all over the country. Hot spring water is very good for treatment of chronic disease. We love hot springs very much.
I hope you have a chance to try Japanese hot spring someday.

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